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Dear Reader:

A couple of weeks ago, my little hometown of Griffin, GA got hit with multiple tornados. The day prior saw picture-perfect weather. The forecast was calling for thunderstorms, but no one could have predicted the severity of the storms that came that day. The tornadoes left an aftermath of destruction that will take months to clean up and rebuild. 

Much like the good people of Griffin, those who lose their jobs in a layoff are not to blame for their fate. Job loss happens to good people all the time. Often, layoffs have nothing to do with individual performance and more to do with business results or predictions.  

The workforce, especially the tech industry, has been walloped with a storm of its own. Layoffs continue to occur, some seemingly unexpected and sudden, some forecasted but extent unknown. When the storm hits and leaves a path of destruction, there is still hope on the horizon. A surprising number of people have shared that their layoff was the "best worst thing" that's ever happened to them. 

If you sense a layoff is coming, or other storm that may cause you to need to enter the job market, be prepared. It never hurts to over prepare. I encourage you to take some time and develop a job search strategy, get your resume in order, and identify the type of position you want next. Preparing before you need what's prepared will set you up for success. 

As always, I am rooting for you,

Interview Strategy

Briefcase Coach Original Content: Expert interview tips to ace your interview.

I've lost count of the number of people that I've interviewed over the years as a professional recruiter and now as an interview coach. In my latest article,  you'll find some of my best advice for approaching an upcoming interview with confidence.

How to ask about salary and benefits in a job interview.

There is a fine balance in interviews between positioning yourself to the interviewer that you are the right person for the job, and asking the right questions to determine if the job is right for you. MacList's Ben Forstag provides a strategic approach to gathering information about the position's salary and benefits offered, without sounding demanding and putting off the interviewer or hiring manager.


New startup looks to give competition to LinkedIn.

There is a new startup making waves in the professional networking realm of social media. Peerlist, currently backed by HubSpot's co-founder and CTO Dharmesh Shah, has raised over $1 million in seed funding. Still in early stages, with only 10,000 users, Peerlist, targeted towards those in the tech industry, hopes to be a place for professionals to showcase their portfolio of work that may be currently spread among multiple sites. Join me in trying out this new site.

Negative trade secrets are worth protecting.

Extensive research and trial and error goes into building a startup. Patents are created to protect trade secrets, but what about the proprietary knowledge about what didn't work? This data is known as negative trade secrets. California law protects companies and their valuable data resulting from failures

Job Search Strategy

Briefcase Coach Original Content: Help allow recruiters to find you on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for those searching for a job and companies looking to find new hires. As a job seeker, or professional who is open to new opportunities, it is important to allow your LinkedIn profile to be found. In this article, I look at the importance of identifying keywords or phrases and enriching your profile with these words.

Expert advice on how to move forward after a layoff.

Have you been laid off recently or know someone who has? Career Strategist, Hannah Morgan shares her advice for what to do after a layoff. These tips will help you move quickly and with purpose towards finding your next opportunity while dealing with the inevitable emotions. 

The Rise of AI: ChatGPT

Can you use ChatGPT to apply for jobs?

Fast Company talked to hiring managers, recruiters and human resources professionals to find out what is acceptable when it comes to using ChatGPT in ones job search. While there was some debate about when and how ChatGPT should be used, the majority of those interviewed, saw it as a benefit to the job seeker and okay with the hiring company.

What is the problem with ChatGPT?

Marketing expert Seth Godin suggests the problem with new AI bot ChatGPT is not the app itself but the user. Humans tend to believe what they read, but it's not always true. Who's fault is that? What is the solution? In Godin's recent blog post, he looks at the new technology and the human factor needed to keep it honest.

CBS's Sunday Morning grades ChatGPT.

I am a big fan of CBS's Sunday Morning. I love the unique stories intertwined with quality perspectives on current events. This past week, CBS correspondent David Pogue put ChatGPT to the test. The controversial new technology seems to be catching as much praises as it is criticism. Where do you fall on the debate?

How do you feel about the new AI bot, ChatGPT?

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Remote Work

Is relocating a reality when working remotely?

The rise of remote work came during the pandemic and many employees and companies are making it a permanent arrangement. So do employees have to remain in the same city, state or even country they have been working from? I was honored to share my thoughts with Tim Mably for his article exploring the options for remote employees.

Does being seen in the office help your career advancement?

A remote worker used to be at a disadvantage when it came time for a promotion. Today, with the rise of popularity of remote work, the structure of a company can determine how level the playing field is when it comes to advancement opportunities. Forbes' contributor, Joe McKendrick looks at who has an advantage when it comes to promotions when working remotely and how being in the office can give you a leg up.

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