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I really enjoy podcasts and especially enjoyed this episode of This American Life titled Plan B. The host delves into the real-life narratives of individuals navigating the unexpected twists and turns of their professional and personal paths. From a man who serendipitously becomes a legendary telemarketer to the bizarre kidnapping plan of Frank Sinatra Jr., the episode highlights the resilience and adaptability required when life steers us away from our original plan.

Key Takeaway: For jobseekers, particularly those in leadership positions, the stories underscore the importance of flexibility and the willingness to pivot. Success isn't always found in pursuing our first plan but often in our ability to thrive when Plan B, C, or even D is a reality. Embrace uncertainty and be prepared to find excellence in the unexpected, as the next career-defining moment may lie within a detour from the intended route.

Importance of a Well-Crafted Personal Narrative

As a resume writer, I spend a lot of time talking to clients about their STORY, uncovering defining moments in their career journey, and then helping craft it into a compelling narrative that honors who they are and what they find most important about themselves and their work.

In this Harvard Business Review cover story, the author discusses strategies for crafting a story that inspires change. As in organizational leadership, job seekers must be able to do the same. Crafting a personal narrative that is engaging and drives your job search mission can be a powerful tool.

Making Strategic Decisions When Your Boss Moves On

What should you do if your boss leaves and looks to you to follow? According to this article from Harvard Business Review, employees who face such a situation should take time to reflect on career goals and direction before making decisions. Employees should understand the reasons behind their boss's move, evaluate how critical they've been to their success, and assess the organization's future and potential leadership changes. The article emphasizes the importance of owning your career path and not solely relying on your boss's influence, alongside considering if there is a realistic opportunity to follow them.

Key Takeaway: Ultimately, deciding to stay or leave should align with your personal and professional aspirations and not be a hasty reaction to your boss's departure.

Strategies for Landing an Interview

Kelli Hrivnak spoke with 100 LinkedIn users on how they successfully navigated the interview process, eventually leading to job offers. She did the same last year and compared her findings a year later. The diverse group she spoke with spans various sectors, from Fortune 500 companies to startups. They all share a common goal of securing their ideal roles. 

According to her findings, Hrivnak says that despite the market's fluctuations, especially in tech, the power of networking has proven to be more influential in recent times. Jobseekers are increasingly positioning themselves for discovery within their professional networks, leading to a significant rise in successful inbound referrals.

Key Takeaway: It is evident that a multifaceted approach - combining direct applications, active engagement with one's network, and a strong online presence, is key to landing interviews. The upward trend in inbound referrals underscores the value of a positive reputation and a strategic, visible LinkedIn profile.

A Reflection on a Google Career

In an insightful reflection on an 18-year tenure at Google, a long-term employee narrates their journey from joining the tech giant in its post-IPO era to their final days amidst a changed corporate culture. According to the narrative, a shift occurred, with the original Google culture gradually eroding. This employee warns leaders and managers that it is crucial to maintain a clear vision and culture that empowers and trusts its employees to foster long-term success and innovation.

Employees on PIP - What Should be the Next Move?

A PIP is given to employees who face substantial difficulties meeting job requirements despite warnings and support efforts. It serves as a last-ditch attempt to help employees improve through formal steps, such as training and specific metrics to meet within a designated time.

In this article, former VP of HR at Microsoft, Chris Williams, argues that even if someone succeeds post-PIP, a stigma might affect their career progression within the company. He recommends employees on a PIP immediately plan their exit by updating their resume, networking, and looking for opportunities elsewhere, where the stigma of the PIP doesn't follow them.

What do you think? Should an employee on a PIP make plans to move companies ASAP?

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Great Resignation Regret

In the wake of the Great Resignation, a significant trend of employee turnover has given rise to employee regret. An expansive survey by Paychex reveals that 80% of workers who changed jobs during this period now regret their decision. This sentiment is particularly strong among Gen Zers.

The push for better compensation, benefits, and work-life balance initially drove many to seek new employment opportunities. However, job satisfaction post-transition has not met expectations for many of these individuals. A notable 68% have even attempted to return to their previous roles, yet only 27% found employers willing to rehire them.

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